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Skin cancer

What Dulles residents need to know about skin cancer

Skin cancer is not a west-coast or Florida disease. It impacts the lives of one in every five Americans. With an average of nearly 200 sunny days each year in Dulles and South Riding, VA, skin cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment are essential. The team at Dulles Dermatology Associates is a strong ally in your fight for healthy skin.

Skin cancer basics

Skin cancer is the abnormal growth of cells, usually caused by damage to skin’s DNA from ultraviolet light.

  • Basal cell carcinoma is most common. It rarely spreads to other organs, but delayed treatment can result in disfigurement and invasion into local tissue.
  • Squamous cell carcinoma occurs at the surface of skin. Because squamous cells are also found in the respiratory system, digestive tract, and kidneys, this type of cancer can spread locally and occasionally to distal sites.
  • Melanocytes are cells that give skin its color, and darken from exposure to sunlight. When they are damaged, melanoma occurs. Melanoma is the gravest form of skin cancer, resulting in nearly 10,000 deaths annually.
  • There are many other types of skin cancer, although they are rarer.
Types of Skin Cancers

Professional partners save skin and lives

With regular professional skin care, you may never experience the anxiety of a skin cancer diagnosis. Your journey to a healthy complexion begins with a full body screening. Dr. Chaudhry maps all unusual moles or lesions as a baseline. She will demonstrate how to perform monthly self-checks at home, and reviews the ABCDEs – warning signs of skin cancer. The doctor emphasizes the importance of sun protection, all over, every day, regardless of weather conditions, and recommends high-quality products.

If a suspicious spot is identified, it is examined under high magnification. A biopsy may be performed for accurate diagnosis. Should further treatment be necessary, you can rely on Dulles Dermatology Associates for the most effective, least invasive techniques.

Call (844) 357-3376 to schedule your initial skin cancer screening.

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