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Pigmentary Disorders

Hope for those with pigmentary disorders is in Dulles

Most people take skin tone for granted, but for those with pigmentary disorders, it can be a daily source of anguish. Dr. Chaudhry brings hope and attractive skin to patients in the Dulles, Western Loudoun, and the greater Dulles area.

What is a pigmentary disorder?

The epidermis contains cells, called melanocytes, that give skin color. Normally, melanocytes are dispersed uniformly, creating even skin tone. Various medical and environmental conditions can disrupt that dispersion.

Medical pigmentary disorders are generally classified as:

  • Sun damage – Cumulative exposure resulting in freckles and age spots.
  • Hormonal pigmentation – Darkening of skin at abdomen, nipples, or vulva from increased estrogen.
  • Hypopigmentation (achromia or leukoderma) – Pale or white patches. The most common form is vitiligo.
  • Hyperpigmentation – A dark hue in localized areas associated with excess melanin. Melasma is a familiar type of hyperpigmentation. This “mask of pregnancy” on the face may be triggered by hormonal changes.

Improving and restoring skin tone

We encourage all patients to minimize risk of pigmentary disorders, where possible. Daily use of high quality sun protection products shields skin without disrupting its natural balance.

Accurate evaluation is essential in resolving skin conditions that contribute to uneven tone. Our doctors are experienced in diagnosis, and tailoring clinical therapies for best results.

Hyperpigmentation responds well to chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser resurfacing. IPL (intense pulsed light) and PDT (photodynamic therapy) may also be options. Many of these treatments have the added benefit of overall skin rejuvenation – reduction in fine lines, refined texture, and increased radiance.

Hypopigmentation is treated with topical preparations and medications that influence the immune system. Most effective is light-based therapy combined with psoralen, a plant-derived substance.

Pigmentary disorders do not define you, and you are not alone in finding solutions. Highly-qualified care begins with a consultation at Dulles Dermatology Associates in Dulles, VA. Call (844) 357-3376.

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