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Juvéderm / Restylane / Perlane

Cosmetic dermatology: Revitalizing Dulles faces, without surgery

As the face ages, it loses volume under the eyes, at temples, and in cheeks. That allows skin to droop into folds. At one time, only a surgical procedure could correct this situation. Today, the cosmetic dermatology team at Dulles Dermatology Associates in Dulles, VA offers a nonsurgical alternative. The liquid facelift includes well-known, FDA-approved products such as Juvéderm, Restylane, and Perlane.

Understanding HA

Hyaluronic acid, or HA, is a sugar found in the body. It binds with water to lubricate joints and keep skin hydrated internally. The HA used in dermal fillers is formulated in a laboratory for purity and to avoid risk of allergic reaction from animal sourced HA. Expertly injected, these fillers add immediate volume. They also stimulate natural production of collagen, a fibrous protein that keeps skin thick and taut.

Excellent safety profiles and proven results

  • Juvéderm Logo Juvéderm – This family of dermal fillers is manufactured by Allergan, one of the most trusted name in pharmaceuticals. The patented cross-linked HA formula makes it one of the longest-lasting fillers available – up to 18 months. Juvéderm Vollure is an excellent choice for correction of nasolabial folds (from the nose to corners of the mouth) and parenthesis. Volbella is thin and soft, ideal for lip lines. Voluma is heavier, for deep injection into cheeks and hollows.
  • Restylane Logo Restylane – This line, manufactured by Medicis, also has products for all areas of the lower half of the face. Smile lines soften with Restylane Defyne, and we like Restylane Silk for lip lines and lip plumping.
  • Perlane Logo Perlane – This popular deep tissue filler is now known as Restylane Lyft. It is used to add volume at the cheeks, improving wrinkles in the lower third of the face.

Would you like to learn more about dermal fillers as an alternative to cosmetic surgery? Schedule a consultation at Dulles Dermatology Associates in Dulles(844) 357-3376.

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