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Dulles dermatologists turn back time with Botox

Each time you make a facial expression – frown, squint, or pursed lips – underlying muscles pull skin into creases. Over time, lines and wrinkles become etched into skin. Botox is a minimally-invasive option to effectively soften those wrinkles while maintaining normal facial animation. Dulles dermatologist, Dr. Chaudhry, brings safety and artistry to every Botox procedure.

Real medicine for rejuvenation

Botox is a purified protein that has long been used in medicine. Botox Cosmetic was approved in 2002. Since that time, countless patients have discovered how safe and easy it is, in the hands of a Board-certified dermatologist, to look refreshed.

With a very fine needle, Botox is injected just beneath the skin at precise points. It disrupts signals from nerves that cause muscles contractions. As muscles relax, skin smooths out beautifully. Botox is ideal for improvement in:

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  • “Elevens” between the eyebrows.
  • Horizontal forehead furrows.
  • Droopy eyebrows that make you look tired.
  • Crow’s feet at corners of eyes.
  • Lip lines, notorious for allowing lipstick bleed.

Lunchtime treat

Botox is sometimes called the lunchtime treatment, because an injection session typically takes approximately a half hour. There is no downtime – you can go right back to work or other activities. Expect to see improvement in a few days, with full results in about two weeks. Depending on the area injected, rejuvenation lasts up to six months. With periodic touch-up visits your refreshed, youthful look can last indefinitely.

Many women and men choose Botox as their sole wrinkle reduction treatment. However, Botox also works well as part of a comprehensive non-surgical rejuvenation plan. The doctor may suggest dermal fillers for lost facial volume, laser resurfacing to refine coarse skin texture, skin peels for radiance, and high-quality skin care products.

Join the more than four million Americans looking younger with Botox. Call Dulles Dermatology Associates in Dulles, VA at (844) 357-3376.

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